måndag, maj 14, 2007

Libertariansk konferens i Berlin

2 - 3 JUNE 2007

Hackesche Höfe
Entrance 5
Rosenthalerstraße 40/41,
10178 Berlin, Germany


Johnny Munkhammar, author of European Dawn: After the Social Model, who will be speaking on The EU's Cancer: the welfare state and the decline of Europe.

Prof. Marie Theres Tinnefeld, professor emeritus, Department of Informatics/Mathematics, FH Munich, who will speak on "Security Laws: A Challenge to Privacy Rights."

Prof. Christian Kirchner, Humboldt University. Topic: The European Constitution - A Failed Project?

Ernst Beck, Biologist and member Europäisches Institut für Klima and Energie who will speak on The Falsified History of European CO2 in the Global Warming Controversy.

Edgar Gärtner, director of the Centre for New Europe Enivornment Forum. Topic: Ecological Nihilism.

Shane Frith, managing director of the Stockholm Network, a network of free market think tanks in Europe. Topic: "Better Health Through Freedom".

Sascha Tamm, Liberales Institute of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. Topic: "Sin Taxes - Immoral Government Action in the Name of Morality."

Kristian Niemietz, Graduant of Economics at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, who will speak on "From Bismarck to Friedman: Privatizing Pensions."

Total cost for conference plus tea breaks, two lunches and one dinner: €124.95. Scholarship for students, of up to €100.00 are available. Non-students in need of financial assistance to attend should email. All scholarship requests, including students, can be made to peron@orcon.net.nz

All presentations are in English.

Additional information including hotel options, public transit in Berlin, conference location, schedule, and how to register can be found at www.efs2007.blogspot.com and
at www.libertarian.to – or call +49 30 8187 47824 or email info@iuf-berlin.org

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