fredag, mars 24, 2006

Ute i Europa

En bekant som arbetar för borgmästarkandidaten Vitaliy Klitchko i Kiev, Ukraina skickade detta pressmeddelande under gårdagen och bad mig sprida det i Sverige. Var dock medvetna om att det är ett pressmeddelande från ett politiskt parti, dessutom ett som jag inte har hunnit faktakolla.


(Statement of the civic party “Pora” and party “Reforms and Order”)

On March 22nd at 01:35 a.m. in the center of Ukrainian capital Kyiv a policeman Oleksandr Shumeiko wounded heavily a seventeen-year-old activist from the Civic Party PORA Oleksandr Hlobenko from his fire gun. The only reason for prosecuting the teenager was that him and his friend were gluing leaflets “PORA for Klitchko!” at the streets. Oleksandr was shot when he was laying with his face down on the ground without resistance and the policeman was trying to put handcuffs on his hands. This is not the first time when PORA activists were persecuted by Kyiv authorities.

Local district policemen that arrived to the place of the accident also violated the current legislation. They refused to show their IDs to PORA representatives and also tried to hide the traces of the crime. Besides, the policemen that arrived did not secure the place of the crime, left all the evidence without supervision and did not arrest the policeman.

The teenager who suffered from the policemen was operated urgently. Oleksandr is now in reanimation in one of the hospitals. He lost 4 liters of blood and needs donor support.

The pre-election situation in Kyiv is very tense. Top-officials of Ukrainian police and Ministry of Internal Affairs are running for Kyiv Council. Vitaliy Yarema, the Head of the Chief Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the City of Kyiv, is № 4 in the list of the President’s party “Our Ukraine” for Kyiv Council. Therefore the peaceful activities of the opponents foreseen by the legislation are taken as hostile, and democratic election process itself is interpreted as a true war.

Instead of providing public order, Kyiv police became a participant of the political process. Policeman’s shooting into a defenseless seventeen-year-old boy who did not violate public order depicts an unhealthy situation in the police structures. Kyiv Headquarter of the block of Vitaliy Klitchko “PORA-PRP” demands to urgently investigate the tragedy objectively.

The leader of the Civic Block “PORA-PRP”, candidate for the position of Kyiv City Mayor Vitaliy Klitchko is staying with the teenager. The Headquarter of the block makes all the efforts to organize donor support for him.

Press-service of Kyiv Headquarter of the block of Vitaliy Klitchko “PORA-PRP” (Civic Party “PORA” and Party “Reforms and Order”)