fredag, oktober 19, 2007

Inatt jag drömde ...

Norska fredspriskommitten ger alla framtida fredspris till amerikanska militären, och avvecklar därefter sig själva.

"We got the message," said Ola Oppigardem, Committee Secretary and former leader of the Norwegian Labor Party. "The Gore prize was what did it. We acknowledge that the warming of the Earth's surface is an important issue that deserves careful scientific study, but we didn't realize that Gore was an egocentric Luddite who specializes in creating hysteria and false science. Because we closely follow the consensus media for our news, those facts were simply not available to us. This outpouring of information from concerned people everywhere caused us to reappraise our entire reason for being. We discovered we had none."

Added Senator Inouye who was also wounded defending Europe in World War II, "I always thought the peace prize was a bunch of crap given to whiney, self-aggrandizing, busybodies by a bunch of self-important, narcissistic gullible, retired, left-wing, Norwegian, gasbag politicos. These awards may cause me to consider thinking about possibly reassessing my opinion."